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Final Expense Insurance



Although the policy is called “final expense insurance,” it is no different than a traditional life insurance policy with a small monetary value. Final expense insurance allows the named insured to feel safe knowing that funeral-related expenses are covered regardless of the status of their estate at the time of death. The two types of final expense insurance are term life and whole life. Term life insurance covers the insured for a specific time period or until a set age, after which coverage expires. Whole life insurance covers the insured for the remainder of his or her life. We work with a number of insurance companies to provide you with choices.


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Making final arrangements for a loved one is a difficult process to go through but making sure financial resources are there to cover the cost of a burial and funeral are extremely important for personal estate planning. Final expense insurance can be depended on to provide a financial safety net to cover these costs. Final expense insurance is a superior product for seniors that can cover the financial obligations of your family to celebrate your life with friends and family when pass away.Final expense insurance policies provide superior coverage given the facts they contain a lower face value than traditional life insurance policies. The cost for a final expense policy is affordable and can provide thousands of dollars to pay for a basic funeral service, casket, cemetery plot and flowers.





We are a full service insurance agency, licensed to provide coverage to protect what you value most no matter what that is. We provide Life, Health, Final Expenses, Long Term Care, Home, and Auto insurance as well as provide options for Fixed Annuities. Let us know what we can do to help. We look forward to serving all of your insurance needs.

Insurance for Seniors, LLC.

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